White label Cam Site – Build your first site

So, you have decided to become an adult affiliate in the webcam industry and are now ready to create your very first site. Of course, you can go big and create your own website from scratch, using tools such as WordPress, or maybe even code your own. But this is a time-consuming effort which might require an initial investment up front. The pay-off possibilities are better compared to white label websites, but when creating a white label cam site you have a website in ready to go in literally 15 minutes! And with all the features you need, like chatting with the models in general chats or in private sessions. Also this still counts for a maximum of 30% of revenue, which for me is a great place to start and learn the trades of adult affiliate marketing.

Pick a white label program

There are many different affiliate programs out there, which are really interesting and have great reviews online. In the future I might write some reviews about programs which I found interesting. But I will use Camspower as examples in this tutorial. Personally, I am a big fan of Camspower for lots of reasons. Their whitelabel tooling, pay-outs, promotools and support are absolutely great. And especially if you just start out, support is very welcome.

Pick a subject for your white label cam site

You can create a general white label cam site where you cater to all sorts of tastes. But this means you have to compete with the big players on the market, like Chaturbate for example. And this is a battle which you will not win. Instead it is much better to pick a niche and create your white label around it. Think of it from sales perspective; You want your visits to convert to sales and people searching for a very specific subject are probably more determined to spend money, then people who are not really looking for something specific and are just browsing (literally).

Register your website domain

Now that you have picked your subject, it is time to start thinking about a good domain name. A good URL means it has taken SEO into account ( More on this later ), but it also has to trigger your potential clients. So take branding into account as well. I went with GuapaCam, because it sounds catchy, and it is clear what it is: a cam site about Latin ladies.

Once you have registered your domain you can start creating your very first white label sexcam site!

Create your White label webcam site

First off you have to register with Camspower. Once you have registered, login, and go to the White Label option in the menu and click on one of the banners to start.

Camspower White Label options

Once you have clicked on a banner you will see a couple of fields appearing. Here you fill out the name of your whitelabel and URL (without the www.). Url-type is Domain in this case. You can add your Google Analytics tracking id in one of the tracking fields. This can also be done later. Personally, I prefer to create the site first and afterwards set up Google Analytics. Now you probably see the mobile subdomain field as well, which is filled out with ‘m’ . This means your mobile site (yes you will have mobile too!) has the URL m.yourdomain.com. Click save and now the fun begins!

White label-editor

Once agreed to the terms of Camspower, you can click on the personalize button behind the name of your white label cam site, and the white label-editor will start. At first you have a blank canvas, but as you notice in the sidebar you 4 options.

Camspower whitelabel webcam site menu

Setting up your website template

The most essential part is to choose your template. Camspower comes with 4 designs. Pick one and the site is being setup immediately. You can play around with some of the other settings to change the appearance of the site, for example changing the position of the menu, width of the site and the Freechat options. This is not mandatory, but it gives the site a nice more personalized touch, which is to be recommended.

Creating a header

The header is an import part of your white label cam site, because it will showcase your brand, and therefor give the site a more professional and recognizable design. So take the time to choose a nice font for your logo, with or without an image or icon. Whatever suits your needs. If you are feeling creative, you can design your logo on Pixlr for free!

You can set your background color for the header, or a background image and an image from an adult model for example. Of course, you have to have rights to any image you upload, but fortunately for us Camspower comes equipped with some images of their own, which we are free to use!

Furthermore, we have to set a baseline and slogan for the site as well. This is like the sales pitch, so make it catchy, make it SEO friendly and make it count! In the next steps when we get to the SEO part I will elaborate on this.

Configuring the miniatures

The miniatures mean the mini images / videos you see on your homepage. Here you can customize the presentation settings, you can change the size, make the miniatures curved around the etches, set preferences for the webcam status and more fun stuff to play around with.

Footer settings

The footer as a little bit less options, but you can set the background color and add a banner for an affiliate program if you like.

Setting up your webcam content

As you might know, content is king for Google. And you need a lot of content, especially dynamic content, to be noticed by Google. But fortunately for us, Camspower provides us with all the tools we need.

As you see we can select (or deselect) models to appear on our webcam site. As far as I know Camspower is the only one who provides this feature, and this gives us the power to make our white label fully customizable to our needs. But if you are new and you probably don’t know all the models, we can skip this part for now. When you have more experience running your site and have a good idea of what your customers want and don’t want, you can come back to this feature and change the content accordingly.

Let’s start by choosing if we want all content on our platform, or do we choose content for a specific niche? We were going with a niche site so let’s choose the option “specific niche”.

In the search bar you can just click, and all niches appear. Simply click on the niche you want and that’s all. You can make an even smaller niche by choosing multiple niches at once. For example by choosing Lesbians and Big breasts you focus only on lesbians which are classified with big breasts. But beware, the more you choose the less models you will get and as I see it, you want the site to be running around the clock so you have to have sufficient content and not be bound to just 10 models.

SEO for you whitelabel webcam website

This section is very import because you want people to find your website when browsing Google. And even this will not happen instantaneously, you have to set it up right to make it work. Important here is to focus on your niche and make it not to generic. Camspower comes equipped with multi language support so you can set up to 15 different languages. Of course, you can use Google translate to set the languages of your choosing, but it is even better to have it properly translated. But if you can’t do it yourself and don’t want to spend the money initially just go with Google translate.

Page titles

Set the title of your page. This is how it is presented in the Google Search results. So, use the title and say something about what your site is about. For example: “Live BBW SexCam – These hot Big Girls” are waiting for you.

Whitelabel cam site title


Backlinks are important for your site because Google will use this information for your ranking. Websites that have a good number of quality backlinks are considered more relevant, so it is important to invest in this. Think of other sites you are going to create, or register your site on quality adult directories online. There are plenty of directories online, but make sure you pick a good one.

Changes to the baseline and Catchphrase

You can edit your baseline here and translate it to the languages of your preference. The same goes for the catchphrase.

Footer text

Here you can write the content you want to be displayed on your site, again in the languages you want.

Site description (Meta)

The site description is the meta tag, the text shown beneath the title in the Google Search results. So this part is very important, because it should tell something about your white label cam site and lure people to your site. You can just throw in some buzzwords, or write a strong catchphrase here. Or a combination of both. If you research this only and look at competitors, you will see that everyone has a different approach.

White label cam site meta tag


Keywords are everything. These are the words you want to be found online with, and should be specific enough to stand out between other websites in the search results. Keyword analysis is a specialty on it’s own and it is advisable to keep analyzing the effectiveness of the words. I will write a piece on this as well. But for now, put yourself in the shoes of your customer. What would he be searching for to come to your site specifically? Terms as Chat and Cam are great, but you can also go with terms as: sex cam, or BBW cam for example. The latter is already more specific, so in the search results all non-BBW results will be filtered out, so the odds of your site popping up in the results is far greater. Choose a couple and come back to this later. Starting out, this will not be getting your initial business. More on this later.

Category management

If you have mastered the keywords, you can go even deeper and create specific keywords for specific categories displayed on your site. So, if your site is about Lesbians, you can set keywords for more specific lesbian categories. For example, Lesbians who are from Asia, Have black hair, etc.

If you have filled out all the fields click on save and go to last step, Validation.

Validating your cam site

Here you will see that your site has been created successfully. You preview it, add your Google analytics and set up an Adwords campaign if needed. The most important part is setting a CNAME record in the DNS record settings of your registered domain.

Go back to the White Label dashboard page (where we started creating our site) and here you will see that your site is shown under registered white labels. Click on the DNS info button to get all information you need to configure the DNS records.

Setting the DNS records for your webcam site

This might all sound a bit technical, but it is really simple. Camspower provides two options. Based on the options provided by your hosting provider you choose the option suited for you. The first one is the most simple one, simply creating the CNAME record. But not all providers work this way, in which case you should go with option 2. Follow the instructions written to the letter. If you make any mistakes here, your URL will not work, so your site will not be accessible. If you have followed the steps and everything is configured, then you are good to go. DNS records created by the provider, which you haven’t changed, can be removed. This is not necessary, but I feel it gives a more clear overview of the settings needed.

Save the records and we are good to go! Oh wait, it might take a couple of hours before the DNS changes take effect. So, you might have to hold your enthusiasm a little longer. But if the changes are in effect, your white label cam site is officially live and ready to do business!

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